What does Per Head, or PPH, mean? How does it work? The answer is very simple. Pay per head offers bookies a complete solution for their players and charge them per head, or per person. This allows bookies to focus on gaining new players and taking care of their existing players. Bookies no longer have to spend time answering phone calls and writing bets down on a post-it pad. Most per head providers are online internet websites but some also offer call centers to allow wagering by phone.

These services offer bookies a professional platform to keep track of their players' bets and wagering activities. By charging per head, the bookie never looses money and does not have to worry about seasonal fluctuations. If fewer players are wagering, the bookie pays less.

A new entry to the industry is BookieSoft, who offer unlimited service regardless of how many players. This solutions is becomming more popular especially amoung larger bookie operators.


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